API for microservice for Bio-Informatics task - API for microservice which ran long running tasks for bioinformatics pipeline.
Keyword:Javascript; Node.js; Bioinformatics; Typescript; ECS; RDS; Docker;
  Bio-informatics orchestration worklfow platform/architecture in luigi - A universal data pipeline orchestration platform written in python with luigi framework for running and standardizing Bioinformatics pipeline.
Keyword:luigi; Python; AWS; RDS; ECS; Docker; Worflow Orchestration; Bioinformatics;
  BLAST Server - BLAST server written purely in NodeJS for implementing a crude version of BLAST DB for inhouse sequence validation.
Keyword:NodeJS; BLAST; ExpressJS; Typescript; REST API;
  JAVA plugin for Geneious to upload Plasmid information - A Plugin for Geneious written for internal usage
Keyword:JAVA; Geneious Software; Plasmid DB; BLAST; REST API;
  Node js Plugin for Fasta Utilities - Auxillary Fasta parser utils for working with fasta object.just Read and parse.
Keyword:Node JS; Fasta; TypeScript; Javascript;
  Node js Plugin for BLAST Utilities - a BLAST+ wrapper(inspired from blastjs) for Nodejs .This version of blastjs is rewritten in ts for better scalability. Additional commands like blastdb_aliasing is also added for usage.
Keyword:Node JS; BLAST; TypeScript; Javascript;
  Docker Image for Standalone Symfony2 App - Developed a Docker image in Linux for Ubuntu 16.04 to decrease deployment time to few minutes.
Keyword:Docker; Linux; bash; Symfony2; Apache22; MySQL;
  Alexa Voice Skill for Chicago Transit Authority - Created an Amazon Echo Web skill for finding Real-time bus arrival for Chicago Transit authority hosted on AWS Lambda.
Keyword: Nodejs, npm, mocha for automated testing, chai, REST, API, DynamoDB,AWS Lambda.
Keyword:Docker; Linux; bash; Symfony2; Apache22; MySQL;
  Short URL generator API - Using Play framework implemented a simple short URL based web API with backend in redis.
Keyword:Scala; Play; Redis; MySQL;
  ROR CMS - A Basic CMS written in Ruby on Rails 5 to learn important features of ROR
Keyword:Ruby; MVC; MySQL; Ruby Gems; Bootstrap;
  Best Currency Transfer rate Rate Alexa App - Using Moneytis API processed a JSON response to notify Best place to transfer you money overseas.
Keyword:Alexa; Java; AWS Lambda; DynamoDB;
  Breseq output Porter. - Built a HTML scraper using Python pandas library to analyze breseq data give in HTML format.
Keyword:Python; Beautifull Soup 4; BioPython; Breseq; Pandas; REST;
  Penetration Testing using Kali Linux - Docker image for Kali Linux was deployed on Linux build and penetration test was carried out using Kali tools.
Keyword:Docker; Kali Linux; bash;
  Comparison between UDP and TCP - Simulated packet transfer using the NS2 simulator.
Keyword:awk; NS2; bash; TCP/IP;
  Infant Monitor using LabVIEW - As a part of Senior year project developed LabVIEW based project to implement heart rate and respiratory rate monitor.
Keyword:Labview; Biomedical;
  Lab safety alarm system for an entire facility. - As part of internship. Developed and deployed a Safety alarm system for facility. User would receive alarms via SMS or emails.
Keyword:Labview; Safety and Alarming System;
  Random test Pattern Generator - C# Application to generate Test pattern to find Stuck at fault error in IC Bench files.
Keyword:C#; Multithreading; System Design;
  Comparison between L1 and L2 cache - Project involved testing the performance of L1 andL2 cache by increasing the sizes.
Keyword:Computer Architecture; Java; Linux;