How to delete Expired/Saved jobs from Linkedin

October 3, 2017    Hack Linkedin JQuery

Are you a person like me who has saved about 2000 jobs with intention of applying to them and never got around it.

Now I can no longer save additional job. I decided to delete all the expired jobs from the saved section.But the new linkedin is crap and slow. So what do we do?

We delete the jobs by using smarts. And viola Jquery to the rescue. I observed that the unsave button had a fixed property data-control. I decided to coordinate scroll down feature to enable the loading of the data from ajax loading and then simulate clicking.

I achieved this by heading to Saved Jobs page and typing JS in the Developer console which is present in any modern browsers.I you dont know where to find it then search for ways to open Developer tools. Once done then type below code and all your problems are solved